"You earn reputation by trying to do hard things well"

Jeff Bezos

Career oportunities.
Enjoy the entrepreneurialism of Europa. Enjoy getting involved.

What we do
We advise on corporate transactions, mergers and acquisitions.
Our partners are advisers, not salesmen. Our advice is truly

Who we want to work with us.
Our success means we are looking for exceptional candidates
to join our team.
We are always open to meeting people who are interested in
learning more about Europa Partners.

You will be a self-starter with a strong educational background
who’s hungry to learn and get involved. You’ll enjoy working in
an intellectually stimulating environment. You’ll be ambitious.
You’ll enjoy being busy.

What you’ll learn
More than you can imagine – from the lips and examples of
some top investment bankers in one-to-one tutorials.

Who we are.
Europa Partners is an independent corporate finance advisory
firm wholly owned by its partners. We have great client
relationships. We have an ethos of creativity and effective
problem solving. We like what we do.

If you are interested:
Please contact Paul Zisman or Jan Skarbek by e-mail at
pzisman@europapartners.com or jskarbek@europapartners.com